Success Stories

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    “He [Anthony] has a complete mastery of getting your desired result”

    Anthony, thank you for giving me my life and my confidence back! After gaining 30lbs I lost my entire sense of self, I started feeling lethargic, had short of breath and lacked self confidence. I heard someone bragging about Anthony and how well he trained, I decided to ask for his information. She wasn’t lying, he is the most patient and knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. He has a complete mastery of getting your desired result, I especially like the fact that he cares about your safety and customize a plan specific and unique for your body. His knowledge about the body is so vast I had to ask him if he had medical training. In a nutshell, he is truly exceptional, second to none and I highly recommend him.

    Carol R.
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    “I am a happier and healthier person”

    I have been training with Anthony since May 2013. Not knowing in the beginning that I had made one of the best decisions for myself that would benefit not only me but my family and those who know me. I have always had a ‘can-do’ way of thinking, but I needed that extra ‘nudge’ to give me the confidence to push through the goal I was trying to achieve. For me, training with Anthony has been a continuous process of setting and reaching goals. Training with Anthony is like receiving a huge care package. He totally commits himself in to getting to know what each clients individual needs are. Whether it be nutritional advice, teaching proper form, helping the client learn how the body works and reacts, as well as limitations and knows when and how to introduce attainable challenges. Each client receives their own true personal training. When it’s time for your session, he’s focused completely on you. It’s your time and he’s committed to you and your specific needs, making sure you accomplish a safe and effective workout. On a personal note I have to say I am privileged to have Anthony as my trainer. Since the beginning of my journey to improve my life, I am a happier and healthier person, mentally and physically, and I thank Anthony for giving me that ‘nudge’ I needed.

    Polly C.
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    “I am more energized... and just all around happier”

    I first came to Anthony looking for guidance to help in my struggle to lose weight, while not reinjuring my back. I received that and much more. Not only did I lose weight, but I have more confidence and my self esteem has risen much more than I expected. All while remaining injury free. The motivation given to me by Anthony was (and is) a true blessing. I could see Anthony’s dedication and compassion for fitness from the start, and I loved it. I have to admit it was a struggle to get going with exercise and to follow the diet plan. It’s a life style change that only works, if you let it. The changes within me are not only to my benefit, but to those in my life who mean the most to me, my family. I am more energized, suffer from less back pain, and just all around happier. Thank you so much Anthony

    Kiisha B.
    “... he has made me better than I truly expected to be”

    I just want to add a word about Anthony Wong and his training and fitness regimen. I have worked with him only a few months but have been pleased and more than a little surprised at where he has led me… not just in strength and endurance capabilities but in balance and flexibility issues, too. Having recently retired after a 45 year professional career, I have been amazed at his ability to guide me to a level of physical capability much beyond my expectations. Working with machines, free weights, and numerous flexibility and core strength/balance techniques, he has made me better than I truly expected to be. With the goal of ultimately addressing and strengthening every muscle system in the body, each of his sessions will focus on a particular set of muscles or goals… he does not try to address everything in a single session but works toward an overall recognized set of realistic goals that we established during our early meetings. He has developed a detailed system of keeping records on every exercise or operation or lift that I do and is able to track changes from session to session and month to month. Most importantly, he is focused on not allowing me to hurt myself while making sure I am challenged and improved in each session. He provides the knowledge, coaching, and pacing that is critically necessary to keep me safe as we progress though the many different workouts. He is the best kind of coach (a leader as opposed to a pusher) and professional — low key, knowledgeable, personable and focused on my improvement.

    Michael S.
    “I am thrilled to see the improvements in myself”

    Anthony Wong made a true difference in my level of fitness. He is focused, knowledgeable, and motivated to help his clients succeed. Because of Anthony, I enjoy working out, and I am thrilled to see the improvements in myself.

    Jamie B.
    “I lost 13 pounds in the first 6 weeks”

    When I think of Anthony Wong, I think of excellence. Not only is he an excellent personal trainer, but he is an excellent person. He is committed to the highest standards for himself and for his clients-always on time, always has a positive, encouraging attitude, and always inspiring his clients to stay focused on their fitness goals. He is passionate about safety and he spends extra time to ensure that each workout is customized to the client’s needs and abilities, always conscious of any specific health concerns or physical limitations. I marvel at Anthony’s dedication to his work and his clients. I especially appreciate that Anthony is always prepared ahead of time, with a specific written plan for me. He is meticulous about documenting my goals and my progress. I lost 13 pounds in the first 6 weeks of working out with Anthony and following his advice on diet and nutrition. I am thrilled! I highly recommend Anthony Wong to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer and to become more fit and healthy

    Kim W.