Are you Tired of Workouts that Don’t give you the Results you Want? Are you ready to Lose Weight, Get Stronger, and Feel Better than Ever? Our Personal Trainer in Friendswood can help you get your Active Lifestyle Back!

Hello! My name is Anthony Wong

I’m both a personal training expert and the owner of Lifestyle Fitness, Houston-Friendswood.

Are you frustrated with traditional gym workouts? Has age, a previous injury, or major surgery made finding the right personal trainer nearly impossible? I’ve been a personal trainer since 1999 and I’ve made it my personal goal to create a customized fitness routine that will work for my clients no matter what their circumstances.

Many of my clients have had negative experiences with personal trainers in the past and some have even sustained injuries due to inexperienced trainers. That should NEVER happen! I have years of experience in the training of not only older clients, but those who are recovering from injury or surgery. I understand that while it is important to push yourself during physical training, it is even more important to know how far to push; too little and you don’t get results and too much can result in injuries.

Every client who comes to Lifestyle Fitness has their own unique fitness goals as well as strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, I offer each client a written program that has been customized and tailored to fit their specific goals and circumstances. From clients who want to target problem areas such as excess fat around legs, arms, and belly areas to those who want to regain strength after injury, illness, or simply an idle lifestyle, each regimen is customized to show results.

Throughout your fitness program, I will also provide complete nutritional guidance for maximum effect. This can even include accompanying you to the grocery store once per month to guide you in purchasing nutritious foods that will complement your fitness routine. From start to finish, personal support, nutritional guidance, and motivation are necessary to see the results that we both want to see.

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